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 “Research has shown that environmental education not only increases students’ environmental literacy but also contributes to higher academic achievement for all students” 

What’s New?

Five KPDSB schools attain EcoSchools certification

June 4, 2013

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board is pleased to announce that five of our schools have attained Ontario EcoSchools Certification for the work they have done throughout the 2012-2013 school year. The schools are as follows:

Beaver Brae Secondary School in Kenora

Dryden High School in Dryden

Golden Learning Centre in Balmertown

Lakewood Public School in Kenora

Upsala Public School in Upsala

EcoSchools certification recognizes a school for its annual achievement in four key areas: energy conservation, waste minimization, ecological literacy and school ground greening. Every year, schools must successfully complete a certification application and provide documents to support their application.

Of the five KPDSB schools, both Lakewood Public School and Golden Learning Centre are established EcoSchools that have certified for their second and third year respectively. Beaver Brae Secondary School and Dryden High School were able to embed the Ontario EcoSchools program into their curriculum to become the first KPDSB secondary schools to be EcoSchools certified, and Upsala PS, with their ongoing environmental initiatives, has become one of the smallest schools in Ontario to be awarded certification in the EcoSchools program.

Kathy Boone, Environmental Education Curriculum Special Assignment Teacher, said "The Ontario EcoSchools certification program has provided KPDSB schools with a formal way to promote, practice, and recognize environmental stewardship within school culture. Students, teachers and support staff in all five EcoSchools are green leaders within our board; they are role models who will inspire others to make our environment a priority."

Jack McMaster, Director of Education, added "I am so pleased to see more of our schools becoming EcoSchool certified. Congratulations to all our EcoSchools and also to Kathy Boone whose work in her role as Environmental Education SAT has positively impacted our staff, students, and ultimately, society."


April is Earth Month, a time to reflect and celebrate the small actions that each and every one of us can take to help keep our planet healthy.

In conjunction with Earth Month 2013, the KPDSB asked students to participate in a digital media contest to help promote the use of reusable beverage containers in our schools.

We are pleased to announce the KPDSB Digital Media Contest was a resounding success!  Thank you to all who participated!

There were almost 100 entries, with submissions from eight different schools and representation from all divisions.  Our students and staff's efforts to get the “Reusable Beverage Container” message out to everyone in our schools are greatly appreciated!  The entire KPDSB community is working hard to reduce the use of plastics in our schools and offices.

Click Here to view winning submissions


First Place Tie!

Sioux Mountain PS – Grade 2 (Mrs. Donnelly)         

Sioux Mountain PS – Grade 3 (Mrs. McNear)


First Place:  Upsala PS – Connor Gonyou (Grade 6) – Mrs Shedden


First Place:  Lakewood PS - TJ Quin (Grade 8) – Ms. McCoy

Honourable Mention:  Open Roads PS – Laura Spalding (Grade 7) – Mrs. Peacock


First Place:  Dryden High School - Jordan Luhowy (grade 12) – Mr. Wilkinson

Honourable Mention:  Queen Elizabeth DHS – Ashley Kisro (grade 11) – Ms. Hodgson

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