All stakeholders create a culture of learning so that students come first.

Friday, Jun 23, 2017 - 07:03:30


Staffs, students and visitors in Ontario’s schools have the right to learn, work and be present in a safe and secure environment. However the possibility of a major incident of violence is a reality which cannot be overlooked. Everyone who spends any amount of time in an Ontario school on a regular basis needs to know how to protect themselves and how to protect our children, in the event of a major incident or threat of school violence.

Publicly funded schools in Ontario are committed to providing and maintaining a Safe School environment. Much has been accomplished around the issue of Safe Schools since the introduction of the Provincial Model for a Local Police/School Board Protocol in 2000, and more recently with the passages of Bill 212, which amended the Safe Schools provisions of the Education Act, and Bill 157, the Keeping our Kids Safe at School Act.

The Ministry of Education, School Boards and Police from across the province continue to work in partnership to create safe school environments, and to prepare in the event of a major incident of school violence.