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Friday, Jun 23, 2017 - 06:53:51




A Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is an important advisory body to school boards. A PIC is a formal structure and a key vehicle at the board level that enhances parent involvement and supports student achievement and well-being.


The purpose of Parent Involvement Committees is to support, encourage and enhance meaningful parent involvement at the board level to improve student achievement and well-being. The Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) acts as an advisory body to the local school board, and provides an important link between parents and the board’s director of education and trustees. Parent Involvement Committees build parent engagement by: 

  • providing information and advice to the district school board on parent engagement and communicating with parents
  • developing strategies and initiatives the board could use to engage more parents to support their children’s learning at home and at school
  • sharing information with, and supporting the work of, school councils.

Each PIC decides how best to achieve these goals depending on the unique needs of its board and community, its organization, and the members of the committee. Funding of $5,000 plus $0.17 per student is provided to each school board to support its collaborative work with its Parent Involvement Committee. This allocation is intended to fund activities undertaken by the PIC to support parent engagement at home, at school and through the PIC’s work with school councils.